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Aggregates represent a consistency boundary so there should never be a need to lazy-load related data as the aggregate as a whole should always be consistent. All objects that belong to an aggregate have no need to exist on their own. If you do have an object that has it's own life-cycle then it needs to be removed from the aggregate. When you do find ...


There is an academic project, developed by Stefan Reichart from the Software Composition Group at the University of Bern (Switzerland), which provides a true implementation of traits to the C# language. Have a look at the paper (PDF) on CSharpT for the full description of what he has done, based on the mono compiler. Here is a sample of what can be ...


Consider using a proxy that subclasses Post, overrides the getComments() method. Inject the proxy with the CommentRepository and access it in the overridden getComment() method. This is how an ORM would typically do it. It keeps your domain classes clean as only the proxy is dependent on a data access mechanism.


IMHO, I always use storyboards unless and until I encounter something that has to be done in code. It's just conceptually easier for me to understand the overall shape of the app if I can see it in large, interconnected chunks. There shouldn't be any noticeable performance differences. Regarding your particular example, whenever I have an image that has to ...

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