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You should simply define two different wrapper classes, both implementing the same interface: one wrapping Track, and the other wrapping TrackSearchResult. No null check necessary anymore, except in the constructor (which should throw a NullPointerException if the given Track or TrackSearchResult is null).


My implementation So, here is the solution I came up with. public class DisposeService<T> where T : IDisposable { private readonly T _disposee; public Action<T> ManagedAction { get; set; } public Action<T> UnmanagedAction { get; set; } public DisposeService(T disposee, Action<T> managedAction = null, Action<T> ...


Sometimes you have code that does type checks like in java a instanceof B or even a.getClass == B.class This kind of check breaks If a is no longer a B but a decorator D wrapped around an A To give a specific example: I b = new B; // I is an interface implemented by B b = D(b); // the decorator D implements I as well doSomething(b); with ...

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