The act of identifying differences between two or more files in order to support various software development activities (bug tracking, patch creation, ...)

During the development of an application it is often necessary to determine the differences between two or more files -- this activity is commonly referred as diff (see for example this entry in The Jargon File).

These are some of the scenarios for diff activities:

  • in version control systems, diff is used to understand what has changed between two revisions or changeset, in order to track down bugs or assess which tests to run;
  • diff is an important part of merge operations, where the developers compares two or more version of the same files and decides how to fix conflicting changes;
  • the output of a diff activity can be "exported" in a patch file, a compact representation that permits to reapply the changes in a later moment to a different copy of the code. Patch are often used in contributing to open source software.

This tag is used for questions related to diff activities, diff tools and their use in the context of software development.

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