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If you want them greyed out, then try this. Based on answer above: $(document).ready(function(){ $("a").click(function($event){ var $this = $(this); $event.preventDefault(); $this.css("color", " #808080"); //only targets the actual link clicked. If you want all when you click any link use $('a').css(); }); }); BTW, word of advice ...


You can use this: $(document).ready(function(){ $( "a" ).click(function( event ) { $(this).fadeOut(); event.preventDefault(); }); }); Hope this help!


how about this ? $(document).ready(function(){ $("a").click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $("a").fadeOut(); }); }); like what you said, if the user clicks on any of the links, all of them fade out. is this what you want?

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