A <div> (or divider), which must be closed by </div>, is a block-level element in HTML which is often used for website layout or for content which doesn't fit semantically into another element. The only semantic meaning of a divider is the logical grouping of the content within it. Because of this, it can be freely used for non-standard presentational purposes or behaviour. It is strongly encouraged that it should only be used as a last resort, when there is no other suitable element.

From the HTML5 specification:

The div element has no special meaning at all. It represents its children. It can be used with the class, lang, and title attributes to mark up semantics common to a group of consecutive elements.

They are frequently used to produce floating content in layouts, in preference to the semantically inappropriate <table> element. Very often used along with the attributes "class" and "id" for divisions such as 'Post Header' or 'Table of Contents' respectively.


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