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The std.concurrency module now has a Generator class which makes this even easier (and you don't need a third-party library). The class is an input range, so it can be used with for loops and all the standard std.range/std.algorithm functions. import std.stdio; import std.range; import std.algorithm; import std.concurrency : Generator, yield; void ...


Answer I came up with, don't. Simply use the DMD compiler for the last step So, Instead of dmd ../src/Main.d -I../src -c gcc -c ../ext/clibs.c gcc *.o -o Main Simply dmd ../src/Main.d -I../src -c gcc -c ../ext/clibs.c dmd *.o You still have to write a D bridging header listing all the C function you want to use with the extern (C) syntax For example ...

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