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You will need to have a different domain for the private zone. Something like "example.internal" Then you could have "cache.example.internal" will not resolve in your current setup, because it will be looking to to resolve that dns. Also note it will only resolve inside the VPC.


You have to add your new site as an Addon-Domain From the cpanel. You don't have to create Name Servers to every single site. You Can Point Existing Name Server with all your sites. Please follow the below link. It will explain in detail how to add an Addon Domain Managing Multiple Domains from a Single Hosting Account


Check the route to working and non working websites with tracert. After that do a curl verbose hit on working and non working websites both on a normal and safe mode boot. You should be able to figure out the difference in requests being sent. IMHO it looks like your network traffic is being hijacked by a virus or some other utility which cannot execute ...


In order to map to the Heroku SSL endpoint you only need 1 CNAME: CNAME www Assuming your current DNS provider appends automatically the zone name after the www prefix. Remove all the other CNAMEs. As for the root domain ( the only way to map it to Heroku with SSL is by using a ...

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