Doctrine 2

Doctrine 2 is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for PHP 5.3.2+. The Doctrine project is a collection of open source libraries and tools for dealing with database abstraction layer (DBAL) and Object-Relational Mapping written in PHP. One of its key features is the option to write database queries in a proprietary object oriented SQL dialect called Doctrine Query Language (DQL).

Differences from Doctrine 1.2

  • Doctrine 1.2 implements ActiveRecord design while Doctrine 2 implements DataMapper design
  • Doctrine 2 requires PHP 5.3 or newer and uses its benefits like namespaces.
  • Doctrine 2 is divided into set of smaller subprojects: Doctrine Commons, Doctrine DBAL, Doctrine ORM (for RDBMS) and Doctrine ODM (for MongoDB).
  • Doctrine 2 is much faster.
  • Doctrine 2 supports annotations.



If your have question about Doctrine 1.2, please use tag instead.


The documentation consists of:

  • Tutorials: Getting started articles
  • The Reference Guide: The main source of documentation for the project.
  • The Cookbook: A collection of simple and advanced recipes for using Doctrine.
  • An API for Doctrine
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