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That 0x0004 character you are seeing in your file has nothing at all to do with the BOM (which is fine, by the way) -- it's an EOT (End of Transmission) character from the C0 control set, and has been at that codepoint since 7-bit ASCII was the new hotness. (It's also the familiar Control-D Unix EOF sequence.) Unfortunately, the pre-dos2unix way of ...


Use filter-branch. git filter-branch --tree-filter 'dos2unix filename' master (Assuming the commits you want to modify are on master. You can also use a more specific list of commit names, instead of applying the filter to the entire branch.)


which environment was used to modify the file with incorrect line endings ? if it's windows make sure your workspace is using UTF-8 encoding. You can manage that through git config (see link for option) : git config core.autocrlf true if set to true this converts LF endings into CRLF when you check out code (when working under windows) More infos : ...

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