The main purpose of Dotfuscator is to prevent reverse engineering, or at least make it more difficult. There are many other features as well, like removing unnecessary code and watermarking the code to enable tracking of compiled code with embedded copyright information or unique identification numbers.

Dotfuscator is a .NET obfuscation product, with two primary feature sets: community edition and professional edition.

Community edition has been included in Visual Studio since 2003. It offers basic protection. It supports these features:

  • Renaming of methods and classes to use meaningless names
  • Basic overload induction (combining multiple unrelated functions into a single function)
  • Tamper detection
  • Shelf life (making an application expire after a certain date)
  • Basic PreEmptive Analytics support

Professional edition is a much more feature-rich then the Community Edition. The main features it has over the community edition is:

  • Control flow obfuscation
  • Better renaming support
  • String encryption
  • Command line and MSBuild support
  • Watermarking (being able to track a compiled application using a unique token)
  • Removing unnecessary code
  • Enhanced PreEmptive Analytics instrumentation support

Implementation with existing code usually carries few issues. There are some definite things to watch for however, such as reflection and (not usually noticeable) slowed execution times. Unlike most .NET obfuscators however, obfuscated programs will still pass verification with PEVerify.

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