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Remove right:0 from the right positioned div. Replace it with left:100% or any numeric value for left which suits your design. The delay is due to the right:0 css in the right positioned div. Try it, it should solve your issue. You can try this change in browser console itself.


The only thing I could find is the forkit library. https://github.com/hakimel/forkit.js You can see a demo here. http://lab.hakim.se/forkit-js/ This would probably be the same script they are using..


It uses jquery sortable for column sorting so you can hook to the events by modifying the setupColumnReorder function in slick.grid.js I have added my own event handlers: onColumnsReorderStart onBeforeColumnsReordered function setupColumnReorder() { $headers.filter(":ui-sortable").sortable("destroy"); $headers.sortable({ containment: "parent", ...

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