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Companies pay a lot of money to do exactly not this. I suspect the amount of effort to do this will not be worth it, especially if you are going to try and dive into the actual protocols/plugins used and hook in directly. This would be very implementations specific and likely to break in the future. Your ...


Check the metadata. If the program that erased the DRM cleared the metadata, the file won't have a publisher, album etc. However, if the program that removed the DRM fixed the metadata, the file would be identical to a file that never had DRM applied. The link in the above post to "DRM media converter software" points to a dead site.


For Android 4.2 and up, you can use DisplayManager.getDisplays(), then for used Display check FLAG_SECURE.


If it helps someone : If you have separate release sdk and dev sdk, you can select either of them as required by editing the scheme setting (Product->Scheme->edit scheme). As you can see in the image below,You can set the build configuration separately for running,testing,profiling,archiving etc. For testing the release sdk,you can select the build ...

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