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When you write person * myperson = malloc(sizeof(person)); it allocates memory for the myperson variable (pointer), i.e, for the myperson->name and myperson->age member variable themselves. The memory location, pointed by myperson->name (being a pointer), is not valid, till time. In other words, myperson->name itself is a valid access, but ...


So the item struct exists in memory twice? The content of the struct that item points to exists twice after the assignment in question, yes. Explanation: Both operands of this expression array[0] = *item; evaluate to a struct. The = is defined for struts. So the above expression copies data (memory's content, not "memory" as you word) from the ...


Yes, you are copying the entire struct here. You could create a ReallyBigItem **array and just assign item (not *item) to just copy the pointer.

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