Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning software products. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family.

The early versions (from 1.0 to 3.0) were called Axapta, while the later versions (from 3.0 SP6 to AX 2012) are called Dynamics AX. R2 revision was published on Dec. 2012 (kernel build 6.2.158.x)

Axapta was initially released in March 1998 in the Danish and U.S. markets. Today it is available and supported in forty-five languages in most of the world.

MorphX is the IDE where development and modification is done. It resided (until Dynamics AX 2012) in the same client application that a normal day-to-day user would access, thus allowing development to take place on any instance of the client.

X++ is the development language used in Dynamics AX. It belongs to the curly brackets and dot-operator class of programming languages (like C# or Java). It is an object-oriented, class-based, single dispatch language. X++ supports garbage collection and SQL queries is integrated in the language.

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