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Biztalk Server withot "ESB Toolkit" Is not an ESB. Because of the following: Is a contract first, need to build you message types first. Need to Plan the whole scenario first to minimize the impact of changes. Changes requires Deployment which increases downtime. Regarding to your qustion, Yes BizTalk Server is EAI Product


MSMQ does not have direct concept of topics. In normal operation, one message is delivered to only one receiver - once it is read from queue it become unavailable to any other receiver trying to read from the same queue. MSMQ has a concept of triggers which is somehow trying to overcome this limitation by delivering message to multiple receivers but it is ...


So i think you want to create a x12 810 file from the given datas. First understand each fields in the x12 810 file.To create a file first input each segment as string(put a next line command in the end of each string) into an array and the write each line from the array into an file and create a header to download this file as text file.Its easy

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