Eclipse Virgo is a Java application server based the Eclipse Equinox OSGi runtime that allows for modular application development using OSGi primitives as well as offering a smooth transition path for traditional Web Applications.

Virgo is constructed from a kernel which may be used stand-alone for non-web applications or to construct non-HTTP servers. The Virgo Web Server adds the Tomcat-based Gemini Web container to the kernel to provide servlet support. In version 3.0, planned for mid-2011, Virgo will provide Gemini Web-based and Jetty-based variants of its web server, in addition to the kernel.

The Virgo project also hosts a prototype technology for modular web applications known as "snaps" which allows you to spread the front end of a web application across many OSGi bundles known as "snaps" which attach dynamically to a web application bundle known as a (snaps) "host".

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