Eclipse is an written mostly in and primarily used for Java development through the use of the Java Development Tools (JDT) plugin. It is notable for its rich ecosystem of free and commercial .

Eclipse uses internally and has a built-in OSGI implementation called ; the same OSGI-based framework is used for its plugins. Eclipse has many standard plugins that can be used as an eclipse-like application development platform - this set of plugins is called .

For / development, the Eclipse CDT Project provides a plugin to create a C/C++ development environment within Eclipse.

For and web development, the Eclipse PDT Project provides a plugin to create a PHP development environment within Eclipse. The popular commercial is also based on Eclipse.

For development, the PyDev project provides a plugin, called , to create a development environment within Eclipse.

For development, the EPIC project provides a plugin to create a development environment within Eclipse.

For development, the Android Development Tools provide a plugin to create an development environment within Eclipse.

When combined with (or ), , and its many plugins, Eclipse provides a crucial part of viable alternatives to using Microsoft as a software development platform in Windows, whilst also including comprehensive native support for .

Download the latest version of Eclipse from eclipse.org
Download Eclipse with Android SDK
Power user download site

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Within the Stack Overflow community, Eclipse is synonymous with the Java IDE, but that does not mean questions about Java are questions about the IDE.

Consider what changes your question would require if you were using vi to edit and ant to build; if your question would remain unchanged, then it is not an Eclipse question, so you should not give your question the tag. Use the tag instead.

Latest Version: Eclipse Mars (4.5 - 24 June 2015)

Next Version: Eclipse Neon (4.6 - June 2016 (planned))

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