EDSDK is Canon's EOS Digital Camera SDK. It is a Library that allows developers to access and control all Canon EOS Cameras programmatically in their applications through a USB connection.

EDSDK stands for Canon's EOS Digital Camera Software Development Kit. EDSDK provides the functions required to control cameras connected to a host PC, digital images created in digital cameras, and images downloaded to the PC. This document describes the collection of functions implemented in the EDSDK library. EDSDK provides an interface for accessing image data shot using a Canon EOS digital camera. Using EDSDK allows users to implement the following types of representative functions in software:

・ Allows transfer of images in a camera to storage media on a host PC.
・ Allows RAW images to be processed and saved in JPEG and TIFF format (using Canon's proprietary DPP library)
・ Allows remotely connected cameras and the image being shot to be controlled from a host PC.

EDSDK provides a C language interface for accessing Canon EOS digital cameras and data created on these cameras. EDSDK is designed to provide standard methods of accessing different camera models and their data. Using EDSDK allows users to implement Canon EOS digital camera features in software. There are two versions of EDSDK. One runs under a Windows environment, while the other runs under a Macintosh environment.

Part of the collection of Canon's SDKs, see

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