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This is most likely happening because you are not giving the browser time to update between adding the translateX(100%) and then changing it to translateX(0%). This causes it to only run the translateX(0%) with animation (causing it to come from the left). If you instead move the translateX(0%) to a setTimeout of 0, it should work correctly because it gives ...


The "android:colorEdgeEffect" solution works perfectly, and is much better than the previous hacks. However, it cannot be used if the edge color needs to be changed prorgrammatically. It is possible, though, to use reflection to do so, setting the EdgeEffect objects directly in the AbsListView or ScrollView instances. For example: EdgeEffect edgeEffectTop ...


http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-trigonometry-for-flash-game-developers--active-4458 stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, calculateAngle); var myAtan2:Number; function calculateAngle(e:MouseEvent):void { myAtan2 = Math.atan2(e.stageY - mCircle.y, e.stageX - mCircle.x); trace(myAtan2); }


You can specify android:colorEdgeEffect in your theme to change the overscroll glow color within your entire app. By default, this inherits the primary color value set by android:colorPrimary. res/values/themes.xml: <style name="MyAppTheme" parent="..."> ... <item name="android:colorEdgeEffect">@color/my_color</item> ...


In lollipop the overscroll effect color can be customized with the item style colorPrimary : <style name="MyApp" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light"> <item name="colorPrimary">@color/mycolor</item> </style> This item also affect the color of the toolbar.


overscroll_glow.png doesn't exist in platform 21. You can copy the resourses from platform 20 and use them. You can find overscroll_glow.png in: {SDK_FOLDER}\platforms\android-20\data\res This way you don't use reflection that can, as you can see, mess with your program after some updates.


If you test an interaction hypothesis, you have to include a number of terms in your model. In this case, you would have to include: Base effect of price Base effects of brands (dummies) Interaction effects of brand dummies * price. Since you have 5 brands, you will have to include 4 of the 5 dummy variables. The dummy you leave out will be your ...

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