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I never did derby (although did once mysql) and got all going from this simple example. Actually I did not even read the talk - I just did scroll to the middle where self-explanatory example is.


There are many errors in this code. Forgot ',' in Create Table Statements. Can not use 'user' as it's a reserved word. Set the length of the columns 20 and you tried to insert data greater than that. Used wrong column names which does not exist in the table.


An embedded database resides within the application. It doesn't need to be relational. For instance, the media manager on your computer has a database embedded within it to store audio/video metadata and file location. This database could be relational, in which case, the database could be something like sqlite or mysql. (i don't think postgres can be ...


If you have to create the same data structures but with unique names then create procedure that creates such table: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION create_temp_table(table_name varchar) RETURNS void AS $BODY$ BEGIN EXECUTE 'CREATE TABLE ' || quote_ident(table_name) || ' (id SERIAL, kn VARCHAR, kv VARCHAR)'; END; $BODY$ LANGUAGE plpgsql; You can call it ...

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