ember-data is a data persistence extension for the Ember.js framework.

Because the MVC framework builds applications which run in the browser rather than returning fully-rendered pages in response to browser requests, it requires a method for saving and reloading user data.

Ember.js supports a number of "data persistence" libraries, including a data store component inherited from the framework. In general these frameworks support CRUD operations on a RESTful web service, and as such they are agnostic regarding the technology of the back-end web service.

Ember-data is the "official" data persistence library for Ember.js, supported by the Ember.js team. It uses "adapters" to load data for use by Ember.js applications, and allows developers to write custom adapters to support their own specific data store.

Beta Period

During the beta period (up until 1.0) the API is constantly changing, you can keep up to date by reading the Transition Document.

Getting help

Ember-data is supported in much the same way as Ember.js itself.

The Stack Overflow tag is actively monitored by several contributors to Ember. You may try asking questions in the active IRC channel #emberjs on irc.freenode.net. Other resources can found on the Ember.js community page

Technical questions that are accompanied by working code make it easier for other to help give good answers. JSFiddle | JSBin

To report bugs against Ember.js, or to propose new functionality, create an issue on the Github project.

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