Enchant library of PHP is used to check the spelling. This is a PECL extension.

Here is the library of Exchant.

Here is the functions to use the enchant library:

  • enchant_broker_describe — Enumerates the Enchant providers
  • enchant_broker_dict_exists — Whether a dictionary exists or not. Using non-empty tag
  • enchant_broker_free_dict — Free a dictionary resource
  • enchant_broker_free — Free the broker resource and its dictionnaries
  • enchant_broker_get_error — Returns the last error of the broker
  • enchant_broker_init — create a new broker object capable of requesting
  • enchant_broker_list_dicts — Returns a list of available dictionaries
  • enchant_broker_request_dict — create a new dictionary using a tag
  • enchant_broker_request_pwl_dict — creates a dictionary using a PWL file
  • enchant_broker_set_ordering — Declares a preference of dictionaries to use for the language
  • enchant_dict_add_to_personal — add a word to personal word list
  • enchant_dict_add_to_session — add 'word' to this spell-checking session
  • enchant_dict_check — Check whether a word is correctly spelled or not
  • enchant_dict_describe — Describes an individual dictionary
  • enchant_dict_get_error — Returns the last error of the current spelling-session
  • enchant_dict_is_in_session — whether or not 'word' exists in this spelling-session
  • enchant_dict_quick_check — Check the word is correctly spelled and provide suggestions
  • enchant_dict_store_replacement — Add a correction for a word
  • enchant_dict_suggest — Will return a list of values if any of those pre-conditions are not met
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