Endeca is a relevance and navigation-based high-performance proprietary search technology. It consists of an MDEX Engine, Development/Forge tools and exposes URL-based token search parameters, supported by a Java client API.

Endeca is a software company, recently acquired by Oracle Corp, formerly headquartered in Cambridge, MA, that sells enterprise search and business intelligence applications.

Endeca was founded in 1999 and is a privately-held company, backed by venture capital investment from Bessemer, Venrock, Intel, and SAP. Endeca is recognized as a pioneer of faceted search, particularly in the context of electronic commerce and online libraries.

It claims that over 600 customers, including manufacturers, ecommerce sites, media sites, and U.S. intelligence services, are using its Information Access Platform product.

It is considered a leader in the enterprise search and information access market by industry analyst firms Gartner, IDC, and Forrester Research.

The name Endeca derives from the German word entdecken, meaning "to discover."

In December 2011, Oracle Corp. completed its acquisition of Endeca.

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