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You're best to use the memberOf overlay. You use the groupOfNames object class (that's already there) to specify members that will belong to project entry using the member attribute. You can add as many member attributes as you want, where each member attribute is a (full) DN. Personally I would create my own objectClass (e.g. called project) that ...


FOR PYTHON 3.0 import tkinter as tk class SampleApp(tk.Tk): def __init__(self): tk.Tk.__init__(self) self.entry = tk.Entry(self) self.button = tk.Button(self, text="Get", command=self.on_button) self.button.pack() self.entry.pack() def on_button(self): print(self.entry.get()) w = SampleApp() ...


HashMap.Entry doesn't seem to be an inner class of Java 8 anymore


Решение: ALTER TABLE #_redirect_links DROP INDEX old_url Проблема решается просто. Сначала расскажу ее причину. 1. В таблице redirect_links, поле old_url имеет признак = уникальное поле 2. php ядра удаляет некоторый текст после слеша, перед редиректом (об этом не будем подробно) 3. Таким образом в таблицу redirect_links скрипт пытается записать название ...


I think you have an indentation problem. Try this: def search_button(self): if self.entry.get() == "example1": print("example1") I've indented this code block an extra level to indicate that it should be a Search method rather than a global function.


MySQL Server may be working case insensitive mode for table name, column name etc. In where clause imageID may refer to ImageID column of table. Try to change parameter name in stored procedure imageID to p_imageID.


After taking a deep look at the log produced by EclipseLink, I found that my main problems are due to an incompatible characters encoding. My source was producing text encoded in UTF-8 and my database was using the latin1 encoding. So after inserting a new row with a primary key which can not be represented correctly in latin1 in one of my tables it get ...

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