An exception that occurs when reading from a stream or file, and indicates that the end of the file has been reached earlier than expected. For example, you had expected to read 4 bytes from a stream, but 0 bytes were received.

Even though the exception is an End Of File exception, it doesn't usually occur when reading a file. It is much more common to get this exception when processing streams of data from a server. The exception could occur as a result of many different actions, such as...

  1. Reading data from a stream, where the stream connection is broken or the data is incorrectly transmitted.
  2. Reading a file that is corrupt in some way, or cannot be read properly from the file system

When reading from a stream, you should be able to detect and handle this exception, as well as other stream-related exceptions such as timeouts. This would usually involve wrapping your stream in exception-handling code, such as a try-catch block. This will allow you to catch unexpected exceptions such as this, and perform an alternate operation, such as alerting the user of the error, or attempting to re-open the stream for retransmission.

Due to the very rare occurrence of this exception when reading from a physical file, it wouldn't usually be necessary or practical to detect the exception in this context. However, the same solution would be applicable - ie wrapping the file reading code in a try-catch block.

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