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I'm sure there is more than one way to achieve this kind of task, but this is how I get mine done. Here are my steps : 1. Convert .eps to .png I did that by open my file.eps in Illustrator, and go to File > Save For Web > Select PNG-8 > Save. You should see it export to your desired destination. 2. Create Sprites Stylesheet Go to ...


1. Ghostscript You can use the most recent release of Ghostscript, v9.16, with the eps2write device to extract page 4 from some.pdf as an EPS: gs -o some.eps -sDEVICE=eps2write -dFirstPage=4 -dLastPage=4 some.pdf However, don't use an older version of Ghostscript (which has only the epswrite device, not eps2write), because this would create only ...


Probably the best quality EPS can be achieved using Acrobat and then save as EPS. However, in any case, check the results, because (E)PS is less capable than PDF, and certain features (such as transparency or overprinting) may not work properly when exporting as EPS.


Use a tool such as ghostscript or one of its front-ends.


You need to set the 'Paperposition' property of the figure (not 'Position'): set(gcf,'Paperposition',[left bottom width height]); The numbers left, bottom etc are in units determined by the 'PaperUnits' property, which can also be modified.


Having done some research, this seems to be caused by the painters renderer. The problem goes away when using the opengl renderer instead, but this does have other repercussions (I can't edit the image elsewhere using this renderer). It has been reported as a bug with the developer of export_fig here: https://github.com/altmany/export_fig/issues/61

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