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I compiled some "standard" exist codes I use across my apps in a enum, the exit codes are based on freebsd sys exits + jvm signaled exits, see for more detail.


When system returns -1, $! contains the error message. system("tar xzf DirName/tarFile.tar DirNameInsideTar/FileName"); die("Can't execute command: $!\n") if $? == -1; die("Child killed by signal ".($? & 0x7F)."\n") if $? & 0x7F; die("Child exited with error ".($? >> 8)."\n") if $? >> 8; (The value returned by system is ...


I cannot solve your problem exactly. Since I do not know the exact situation of you, anyway, could you try another method using parent and child scripts ? For example, the topmost script is like this: for FILE in $HOME/*.txt do $FILE & done Then, the is like this: $1 RC=$? case $RC in 0 ) echo ...


Ordinarily, return-codes consist of several bit-fields. If I've done my math correctly, this translates to 0xffffffffc0000142 which probably consists of a group 0xc0000 and error-code 0x0142. If you're Googling for a code, also search for the hex string. And, sure enough, that produces a hit. There's even a StackOverflow entry that seems to directly ...


Converted to hexadecimal, the value is 0xC0000142. Windows NTSTATUS values show that your error code is STATUS_DLL_INIT_FAILED which is: {DLL Initialization Failed} Initialization of the dynamic link library %hs failed. The process is terminating abnormally.


--joblog logfile Logfile for executed jobs. Save a list of the executed jobs to logfile in the following TAB separated format: sequence number, sshlogin, start time as seconds since epoch, run time in seconds, bytes in files transferred, bytes in files returned, exit status, signal, and command run.


Use the --halt 1 option, which makes parallel quit on the halting command, while returning it's exit code. From man parallel: --halt-on-error val --halt val How should GNU parallel terminate if one of more jobs fail? 0 Do not halt if a job fails. Exit status will be the number of jobs failed. This is the default. ...

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