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I have another idea, to avoid the creation of a attached property for every behavior: Behavior creator interface: public interface IBehaviorCreator { Behavior Create(); } Small helper collection: public class BehaviorCreatorCollection : Collection<IBehaviorCreator> { } Helper class which attaches the behavior: public static class ...


Right, so as for your first part, hit your "Windows" menu item at the top and enable your other windows like your States, Parts, Objects & Timeline (Which on yours looks like it says "Live DOM" or something which is more or less accurate to its purpose), etc. The second part, it looks like you're missing your designer view. Tap F11 until you get what ...


I would like to get that working as well. There is not option in VS to Open in Blend when you are building a desktop application. Blend For VS 2013 does not give you the option to make a desktop application either.


From generic.xaml: <!-- Global font family --> <FontFamily x:Key="PhoneFontFamilyNormal">Segoe WP</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="PhoneFontFamilyLight">Segoe WP Light</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="PhoneFontFamilySemiLight">Segoe WP SemiLight</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="PhoneFontFamilySemiBold">Segoe WP ...

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