Sencha ExtJS is a JavaScript framework for building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Sencha ExtJS

Sencha ExtJS provides a complete object-oriented framework for creating a desktop-like application that runs in a web browser or packaged as a native app. It manages object lifecycle, layouts, theming, data storage, ajax communication and has a large library of component-driven UI widgets including charting capability.

Originally built as an add-on library for YUI, it has a modular architecture that developers can extend using JavaScript.


Notable Historical Events

  • 01-Jul-2015: With Ext JS 6, Sencha introduces a single framework for creating applications that run across all types of devices, from phones to tablets to desktops. This move combines the legacy Touch framework into the same project structure as ExtJS allowing for the sharing of resources.

  • 15-Apr-2014: Along with the release of version 5.0 Sencha Inc. officially dropped support for Internet Explorer versions 6 & 7 and only support 8 in "standards" mode. This marks a shift in favour of modern web-standards.

  • 15-Jun-2010: The merger of ExtJS with JQTouch and RaphaĆ«l was announced forming a new organisation called Sencha Inc. ExtJS continues to be available as a main product on the Sencha website together with Sencha Touch, Sencha GWT, Sencha Architect, Sencha Animator and Ext Core.

Version History

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