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Finally, the issue was resolved by restarting the servlet container (Tomcat 7). However, I have no idea why.


Typically you would have your server talking directly to FB. The accepted approach would be: Cordova application performs handshake and gets the FacebookID, an Access Token, and other credentials from the Facebook App. The Cordova application send this info to your server. Important: The server uses those credentials and talk directly to FB. In this way ...


Update Here's a better workaround. I implemented ClaimsIdentityFactory, and my implementation doesn't throw ArgumentNullException. private class ApplicationIdentityFactory : ClaimsIdentityFactory<steam_User, int> { public async override Task<ClaimsIdentity> CreateAsync(UserManager<steam_User, int> manager, steam_User user, string ...


Depending on what kind of data you're fetching, the most suitable approach is probably to use an app access token. Alternatively, you can generate a long-lived user access token using API calls. Both of these are documented here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/access-tokens

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