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If you want calculate the PI in your C/CGI script to several thousand places, probably yes, because of calculation speed of compiled probram is much faster. But, If your C/CGI will output only "hello world" probably not. :) Result: impossible to say without some benchmarks and indepth analysis what causes the slowness. What you should do? Only IMHO :) ...


The Plack module, which implements the Perl Web Server Gateway Interface (PSGI) is popular for good reason. It presents a standard API that allows a Perl web application to run on old CGI, FastCGI, mod_perl, and others, or it can behave as a stand-alone web server on its own. I can't offer any benchmark figures, but I will update this answer if I find ...


When running PHP scripts from the CLI you will need to specify the PHP binary you want to use since by default php will be the default PHP included with OS X, not the one installed with MAMP. So instead of: user$ php script.php try: user$ /Applications/MAMP/bin/php script.php Obviously you will need to adjust the above with the path to where the MAMP ...


This isn't really an HHVM issue, more trying to do rewriting at the same time as proxying. Doing a quick google search yields another answer which might help.

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