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Some rules how to get smallest image size possible with TPngImage from vcl.imaging.PngImage Firstly, it has CompressionLevel property, you can set integer value 0..9, 0 is no compression ar all, 9 is best compression (but slowest one). By default 7 is set. Note: PNG is always lossless, this setting affects only amount of time it takes to save image. ...


You have an extra 2 infront of the row count when copying. Should be Range("A2:G" & src_rows).Copy. I would also suggest using RangeUsed.Rows instead of counting down (if 2nd row is empty the End(xlDown) will go to the max row).


The best approach is to use a dedicated tool to reduce the png size. Take a look at this page for some technical details about how png size may be optimized There are some tools which works very well, I used See also this comparison of png optimization tools.

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