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In c++ you don't actually have a matrix, you have a vector of vectors, so there is no single operation that can lead to the result you're looking for, as you need to access every single "column" vector when modifying them. Instead, use a for cycle. for (int i = 0; i < a.size(); i++) a[i][0] = 0; You could also place it in an helper function void ...


One way is: for (auto &row: a) row[0] = 0; The vector of vectors doesn't have any particular structure other than being a vector of vectors, i.e. there's no builtin way to get a view on a column. If you regularly want to do this then consider using a (non-standard) class which represents a Matrix.


clear your cache files, Cakephp creates model cache in app/tmp/cache/model You need to delete cache for that particular model

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