Finance relates to the management of assets over time under varying conditions, usually in order to make a profit.

The finance (or "financial services") industry is an umbrella term for organisations that manage money & assets. It includes businesses like banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, hedge funds and investment funds and some government sponsored enterprises.

These businesses are usually subject to government regulation, often rely on global standards and interact with each other through purely electronic markets. They employ many thousands of programmers who often turn up common programming problems.

What questions should have this tag?

Programming problems specific to the finance industry, such as:

  • financial messaging standards & protocol implementations (e.g. FIX or SWIFT)
  • domain models/patterns for accounting, currency, trading & brokerage, etc.
  • application of programming techniques to financial businesses & problems (e.g. risk management, pricing, trade netting, etc.)
  • low latency, high volume/frequency trading systems
  • implementation of common mathematical problems (e.g. time value of money, compound interest, etc.)
  • management and processing of market data
  • regulatory issues as they relate to systems programming
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