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The following command variation works in the fish shell.: svn log -r '{'2015-08-26'}':HEAD Slash escaping does also work: svn log -r \{2015-08-26\}:HEAD


history --merge does not merge history in chronological order #2312. So even if we manually add the command to ~/.config/fish/fish_history we will no be able to simply press up to see it (although you will get to it eventually if you press up enough). To get around this we can make a copy of fish_history then call builtin history --clear which will clear ...


In vi mode, run bind and look for \cf, it's here: bind -M insert \cf forward-word that's what's going on: control-F is going forward by a word. You can restore the non-vi behavior: bind -M insert \cf forward-char which is to go forward by one character, or accept the autosuggestion if the cursor is at the end (which is admittedly sort of weird). Or if ...

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