Notable areas of focus compared to version 4:

  • Developing mobile and multiscreen applications
  • Accelerated coding for Flex and ActionScript projects
  • Support for an improved designer/developer workflow (Flash Builder <-> Flash Catalyst)
  • Updated platform support and improved performance
  • Expanded set of Spark components replacing MX versions, including:
    • DataGrid
    • Form
    • Image
    • formatters
    • validators

The initial 4.5 release in April 2011 provided support for Android devices. A subsequent release in June 2011 (Flex SDK 4.5.1) added functionality to target both iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS platforms.


Introducing Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK

Flex Blog Announcement of Flex SDK 4.5 Release

Flex Blog Announcement of Flex SDK 4.5.1 Release

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