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In answer to your question, it sounds like you want to inject variables / methods into the subject under test. You can do it like so: myInstance["methodName"] = myFunction; You can then call the injected method like so: myInstance.myFunction(); Both MXUnit and TestBox use this technique. Having said that I don't quite understand why you want to ...


When you enabled the "Maps" availability. Xcode automatically linked MapKit for you.


You can use the native php function unlink() to remove files from your server. http://php.net/manual/en/function.unlink.php


Looking at Django design philosophies I think they use/combine a lot of different design patterns trying to fulfill the philosophies. It's difficult to map to a single concept. Tip is to look at Software Design Pattern and it should be possible to identify many patterns are used in django. Many patterns are of course common in other frameworks as well. ...


I don't think at this point Xcode supports this unfortunately - some less fruitful solutions: Open a radar task, and hope that Apple fixes it. Prefix your classes (as we used to do with Obj-C) The second option should be viable for most projects; instead of Foo and Foo, you will have LIBAFoo, LIBBFoo, but in practice, with more meaningful prefixes i.e. ...


Modify your code to: 'access' => [ 'class' => AccessControl::className(), 'only' => ['logout', 'signup', 'create', 'edit'], 'rules' => [ [ 'actions' => ['show'], 'allow' => true, 'roles' => ['?'], ], ...


It really depends on what you're looking for. Express.js is the most popular, but the one that's the best depends on what you need from your framework.


You need not do this step " in this framework settings in this framework settings, General/Linked Frameworks and Libraries click + button and select AFNetworking and Done" All the linking would be done automatically by cocoa pods. Note: Since you are building a library, read pod spec for creating reusable component. you can create your ImodeveloperKit as ...

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