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Imagemagick is the most complete image conversion tool I know, it has lot's of features to modify all types of images. The software works in cli and is available for any platform. You can also find a lot of help on their forum.


What you might want to do is to create a class that holds all of the information you want to keep related to a single record if it represents a concrete thing and use the List and ArrayList to store those. What I mean by concrete thing is something that has a finite set of information that will stay the same over each object. Something like: public class ...


To answer my own question, it has come to my notice that Apple does not promote distribution of iOS frameworks, yet. This post says so. But, as noted by the post, it's not impossible to make one. This is how to solve this particularly nasty error: Go to the Product menu. Click on Build For. Click on Testing. And that was it. If you think about it, it ...


I've found Gwentech's GT1026 to work well for can bus to android.

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