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I figured it out. It seems to be a problem with the API Key I got from the developer console.


You can make sequence of sequences and pass them to a caller function. int main() { boost::fusion::vector<int, double> x(1, 2.5); boost::fusion::vector<double, int> y(2, 5); boost::fusion::vector<double, double, double> z(10, 20, 30); CallFunc(myf(), boost::fusion::make_vector(x, y)); CallFunc(myf(), ...


The steps are here and here. And Docs here. I always: 1. Install DB (note there are setup scripts to run after install to size the DB for the SW.) 2. Install jRocket 3. Install WLS. 4. Install Binaries (SOA Suite...). 5. Run RCU to configure the DB schemas. 6. Create the WLS domain.

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