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You don't need any add-ins, the Windows SDK (comes with Visual Studio) provides gacutil.exe for exactly this purpose. You can use something like this is a Post Build script: CALL "%VS110COMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat" gacutil.exe /i "$(TargetPath)" VS110 is the Visual Studio version which you may need to adjust for you local version.


I have been using this method for years now, over multiple versions of Visual Studio. You just need to know the path gacutil.exe is stored at (see <yourpath>). For the default path, check out: where is gacutil.exe? In VS, go to Tools -> External Tools, click on Add, and enter a Title, for example "GAC assembly" Command  : ...


This is not exactly the same purpose, but have a look at BizTalk Deployment Framework ( With some work, you would be able to deploy your BizTalk Application with only one script. Your librairies will be installed directly to the GAC.

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