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If you're using Adwords for the ads, it looks that Google provide a fix to this issue. First you have to implement the conversion_async.js from googleadservices.com : just add this to your head: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/conversion_async.js" charset="utf- 8"></script> then fire the ...


First observation (you can't overstretch and you can't touch your shoulder if your under arm is shorter than your upper arm): | x - z | <= | y | <= | x + z | Next, it can be calculated with the cosine rule, where you can calculate any angle you want (e.g. angle a = CAB). From there you can calculate C.


Okay, a common Game Maker question. The routine I use is below. Looking at it, it could do with a bit of refactoring, but it does work. var wantDir; var currDir; var directiondiff; var maxTurn; // want - this is your target direction \\ wantDir = argument0; // max turn - this is the max number of degrees to turn \\ maxTurn = argument1; // current - ...


Let me explain how GM works. It's complicated. When the game starts, the game start event from every object is called. I believe this happens AFTER the create event. Once per (virtual) frame, the step event is called. You see, GM doesn't lock itself down to whatever the room_speed is, it will run as fast as it can. (If not compiled.) fps_real shows you ...

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