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As a developer of Open BEAGLE I still recommend you to use that library if you seek a fast GP library. Retrieving your best individual would actually be done by running a second program that parses the XML file that is logged at the end of the evolution. Otherwise, you can access it through the Vivarium.getHallOfFame() method and then sort it and access the ...


Your third party C library probably lacks extern "C" declarations in its headers. To work around this without modifying the third party headers you can do something like this in your C++ source wherever you #include the relevant third party headers: extern "C" { #include "gaul.h" // note: I'm just guessing the names of the #include ...


You should compile C source with a C compiler and C++ source with a C++ compiler. In the particular case, the GAUL library is written in C and its headers are not suitable for inclusion in C++ compilation - they lack extern "C", so when you compile as C++, the function are declared with C++ linkage and, of course, cannot be found in the C-compiled library.


Yes, You can use a C++ Library Function when some of its parameters are delegate. The error I was getting "Cannot marshal 'parameter #16': Generic types cannot be marshaled." was not about the delegate parameters but the nullable integer.

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