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This error message says that the function cowboy:start_listener/6 called by the module simple_server_http at line 45 does not exists. I have checked on github the code source of the cowboy module, this function does not exist, really. So the code from the blog has no chance to run with the current version of cowboy. As it specify to use the erlang version ...


You can't call yourself from within a call, as in your handle_info invoking add which performs a call back on your gen_server. Since all operations happen sequentially in a gen_server, you end up blocking on yourself. The solution should be to use a simple private add function on the module and have both handle_info and handle_call({:add delegate to it. def ...


I agree with bitwalker that ETS is a good fit. Here's a short summary of what I did in production. It wasn't a chat server, but a server push with a couple of thousand of users connecting via long polling. Pushed data was divided in some 50 categories, and users were able to choose which ones they want. At peak times the server pushed new messages each 2 ...


Sounds like a good use case for ETS. A simpler approach might be to use an Agent to store the online users information, but it depends quite a lot on what you need from the storage mechanism you choose.

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