ggplot2 is an actively maintained open-source chart-drawing package for R, written by Hadley Wickham, based upon the principles of "Grammar of Graphics". It partially replaces R's basic plot and the lattice package, while providing a clean, powerful, orthogonal and fun API.

ggplot2 is a package for R, written by Hadley Wickham, based upon the principles of Grammar of Graphics by Leland Wilkinson. It partially replaces R's graphics and the lattice packages, while providing a clean, powerful and fun API.




Other resources

R packages extending ggplot2:

  • GGally Package contains templates for different plots to be combined into a plot matrix, as well as a parallel coordinate plot function.
  • ggcolpairs Combination of GGplot2 plots into a matrix based on data columns
  • ggdendro Tools for extracting dendrogram and tree diagram plot data for use with ggplot
  • granovaGG Graphical Analysis of Variance Using ggplot2
  • nvis Combination of visualization functions for nuclear data using ggplot2 and ggcolpairs
  • ggmap allows visualization of spatial data and models on top of Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps, or Stamen Maps using ggplot2
  • ggtern An extension to ggplot2 for the creation of ternary diagrams
  • ggthemes contains extra geoms, scales, and themes for use with ggplot2
  • ggsubplot makes it easy to embed customized subplots within larger graphics
  • gridExtra is often useful, as ggplot2 is based upon the grid graphics system.

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