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What you get is not CMYK, but RGBA value, since PNG supports alpha channel. To get 3-value RGB for each pixel try: im = Image.open('test.png').convert('RGB')


Although this is an old question, since ImageMagick is mentioned, for anyone who comes here from google it may be worth looking at this imagemagick plugin called shapemorph.


You can solve this task and many others with imagemagick For example ls *.jpg | xargs -I'{}' convert -resize 800X600 -quality 80 {} {}


OK, I found the solution to this problem, for those struggling with the same thing. Instead of using the text to path, you want to use a different tool First, create some text, and stay on the layer. From the menus, select: Filters -> Distorts -> Curve Bend Then you'll have the option to create two curving lines-- one for the top of the text ...


This is not an answer to the question, but something about the "discussion" of distortion and planarness. In reality you have some straight lines on a pattern: With (nearly any) lens you'll get some kind of distortion so that those straight lines aren't straight anymore after projection to your image. This effect is much stronger for wide angle lenses. ...


This code is real code extracted from a full script. It works fine in the console. I don't get how it could behave differently...

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