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Anything already committed will still be recognized by git even if they would be otherwise ignored by the .gitignore. Once you have run git rm --cached, you still have to commit the deletion of those files. They should be ignored from then on, unless you forcibly re-add them.


You can have Jenkins poll for changes and build when one or more commits have been detected. By decreasing the wait time between polling you can trigger a build on a new commit. You can set this in the following location: Go to your project > Configure Scroll down to 'Build Triggers' select 'Poll SCM' Here you can set your polling schedule to: H/5 * ...


The Rebase command reapplies all the changes represented by each commit on top of the target. That is why all the conflicts seem to be reappearing. If you want to push the current state of the project to SVN as a 'clean' (new) commit, just check it out and push all the files to SVN. If you want to save the history then why Rebase?

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