The GLKit framework provides four key feature areas making it easier to develop modern OpenGL and OpenGL ES apps on OS X and iOS:

  • The GLKView and GLKViewController classes in iOS provide a standard implementation of a UIKit view that draws its content using OpenGLĀ ES and a view controller for managing animation in that view.
  • The GLKTextureLoader class allows your app to easily load textures from a variety of sources. Textures can even be loaded asynchronously in the background with just a few lines of code.
  • Effects, in GLKBaseEffect and related classes, provide shader-based versions of common rendering techniques, analogous to features of the fixed-function pipeline in legacy OpenGL and OpenGL ES.
  • Vector, matrix, and quaternion math libraries, optimized for fast performance on Apple devices, provide functions and data types useful for graphics programming and replace features found only in legacy OpenGL and OpenGL ES versions.

See the GLKit Framework Reference for details.

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