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Your locale is different between the 2 machines. Set LC_ALL=C (or whatever locale you want) before executing both commands and see for more information.


Essentially, no, there is no standard why to interrupt a thread in C++. Threads run co-operatively and as such, they need to "give up" control. If the code for do_thing were modifiable, then you can create a flag (atomic) to signal that the thread should give up and exit. This can be periodically checked by the thread and complete as required. Given the ...


when sed deal with the file which is under writing, it leaved lots of null(\0) characters which line it finished. Why ?????? It is doing so because another process (while loop) has same file opened in write mode and that process (while loop) is writing data into access_test.log just after the previous file pointer position. This leaves null bytes ...

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