Google Cloud Endpoints is a technology developed by Google for use on Google App Engine to allow developers to develop and host APIs easily.


  • Support for Java and Python runtimes
  • Built on Google's API infrastructure - it works with many of the same tools and libraries used for Google's own APIs, such as the APIs Explorer and APIs Console
  • Automatically-generated, statically-typed client libraries for Android and iOS - these libraries are using the same Google-authored Java and Objective-C libraries you would use to access other Google-provided APIs such as the Calendar API
  • Dynamically-typed JS client library - again, the same library you use to access other Google-provided APIs in JS, which is called Google JavaScript client library
  • Built in support for OAuth 2
  • Integration with the Google Plugin for Eclipse - this allows you to automatically create an API based on a model, or an App Engine application to back an existing Android app
  • Support for local development - you can build and test your API using the App Engine development environment, just as with other App Engine features

Learn More

Check out the Java and Python documentation for more details on using Endpoints.

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