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Looks like google.load is adding the script to the page using a document.write(), which if used after the page loads, wipes out the html. This explains more in-depth: http://groups.google.com/group/google-ajax-search-api/browse_thread/thread/e07c2606498094e6 Using one of the ideas, you could use a callback for the load to force it use append rather than ...


I've found an autoloading workaround: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.google.com/jsapi?autoload={'modules':[{'name':'visualization','version':'1','packages':['corechart'],'language':'ru'}]}"> </script>


You have the dataTables script loading before Google loads jQuery. So when the dataTables script runs, there is no jQuery object and you get that error. You will need to load dataTables after jQuery. I highly doubt Google hosts that file, but in the google callback at the first line you can then load dataTables using jQuery.getScript You will need to ...


You can trigger a Change on the input so that your function is called: $("#estado").val(unescape(resultadoCEP["uf"])).trigger("change"); More information: jQuery Trigger


That's how it's intended to work, but you can trigger the change event yourself when you set the value via JS: $("#estado").val(unescape(resultadoCEP["uf"])).trigger('change');


When you change a field with javascript, it wont trigger the change event automatically. With jQuery, you can trigger change with $elem.change()


We are experiencing the same problems with our site hosted in China. Since the first of june most google services have been blocked. Only google analytics seems to be "relative" stable. A lot of big chinese sites still use google analytics that's the reason why it's still more or less available. Google barely has a market share of 2% in the search enginge ...


As Andrew mentioned, there isn't a direct way to handle this. However, you can at least account for the possibility. Set a timeout for a reasonable time frame (5 secondes?). In the timeout callback function, test for the existence of google and/or google.maps. If it doesn't exist, assume the script load failed. setTimeout(function() { if(!window.google ...


I was trying to find this out as well - all of my searching indicates that there is no way of direct linking the charts API (which is a shame). I eventually ended up using the image charts API instead: https://developers.google.com/chart/image/

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