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Third-party websites and applications can now let visitors sign in using their Google user accounts. Federated Login, based on the OpenID standard, frees users from having to set up separate login accounts for different web sites and frees web site developers from the task of implementing login authentication measures.

OpenID achieves this goal by providing a framework in which users can establish an account with an OpenID provider, such as Google, and use that account to sign into any web site that accepts OpenIDs. This page describes how to integrate Google's Federated Login for a web site or application.

Google supports the OpenID 2.0 protocol, providing authentication support as an OpenID provider. On request from a third-party site, Google authenticates users who are signing in with an existing Google account, and returns to the third-party site an identifier that the site can use to recognize the user. This identifier is consistent, enabling the third-party site to recognize the user across multiple sessions. Google also supports the following extensions:

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