Spanner is Google's globally distributed database management system (DBMS), the successor to BigTable. Google describes it as a "semi-relational database" because although it uses an SQL-like interface and supports relational database schema, every table must have a primary key. It has been described as an example of "NewSQL", since it offers transactions and an SQL-like interface, in contrast to BigTable which is an early example of a "NoSQL" DBMS.

Google Ads' F1 relational DBMS (RDBMS) is built on top of spanner, replacing a Google-customized hand-sharded MySQL deployment.

Spanner is a part of the Google internal infrastructure platform. It ensures global consistency using the Paxos algorithm, and maintains globally-consistent commit timestamps using a time synchronization library based on a redundant network of time masters using both GPS and atomic clocks.

Source: Spanner(database) - Wikipedia

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